Dancing with Horses


Natual Horsemanship and riding

Learn to understand, and communicate with horses in the most companionate, ethical, and effective way. Suitable for ALL ages and experiences. Participants interact with horses through various exercises. Building confidence and understanding on the ground, before learning to communicate with balance and harmony from the saddle.

Equine Services

Training is unique for each equine, and is suitable for ALL breeds and disciplines. Focusing on relaxation, and balance, I combine classical based dressage and academic riding exercises, with natural liberty horsemanship. Improvement in the equines mind and body are guaranteed!

Equine Rescue Rehabilitation 

Through my equine rescue rehabilitation, I help inspire life back into abused and neglected horses and equines. I travel to rescue centres who express a need for a knowledgeable trainer, to assist horses on their path to their forever home.


Experienced horses available for photography and film. The horses are trained in a range of tricks and are capable of performing specific actions to fulfill the customers wishes.

Kids Workshop